Socialized Medicine in Canada: Yeah or Nay?

This might come as a shock to some of you, but Canada does not have the best medical plan/pharmacare in the world! Really?? Our current system has some good points and some not so good points.

““Inefficient management” is an elastic phrase. Who’s management? The provincial health ministry? Regional health authorities? Hospital and community care administrators? Family clinics? Care provision inside institutions? Maybe “inefficient management” means too much care in hospitals and not enough in communities with home care, nursing homes or long-term care? Or all of the above?”

“But respondents did say they wanted a full-blown public drug plan to cover any medications that “a patient and their doctors agree are the most effective treatment.”

How will this be paid for? More taxes, co-pays, those with higher income pay more? What are the solutions? Who makes the decisions?

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Improving Wait Times in Ontario

This is worth reading concerning the wait times for one who needs to be seen by a physician or have a test completed. I am jealous of Brant, Ontario residents….”The report shows that Ontarians have the shortest waits in Canada for CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds.”

“Our patients are also waiting the least amount of time between referrals from a family doctor and getting non-urgent elective treatments – almost three weeks faster than the national average.”

“Improving wait times makes an uncertain time less stressful for families. It’s about physical health and about peace of mind for the people we love.” -Comments from Brant MPP, Dave Levac.

Families in Brant and across Ontario are seeing their doctors and getting the quality care they deserve sooner than anywhere else in Canada, according to a new report from the Fraser Institute.

This is not the case here in Quebec. Wait list are long for typical or routine tests/exams like colonoscopies, to begin treatment for cancer, surgery, x-rays and geriatric assessments UNLESS one turns to the private sector and pays out-of-pocket for faster service. This is not the point of universal healthcare.

Canadians already pay a hefty tax/fee to be part of universal healthcare and we pay high income tax as well.

Although, many do have supplemental insurance through their employer, which is mandatory, one often pays out-of-pocket and hopefully is reimbursed. This by the way is another fee that is paid in addition to the others. Individual vs. family plan, co-payments, ceiling amounts of the amount to be covered yearly for each person and only certain services are covered i.e. dental, complimentary therapy, orthodics, hearing aids (beyond what is covered by the province one lives in), braces, alternative treatment, etc.

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1962: 50th Anniversary of Medicare being Introduced in Saskatchewan

Medicare in Canada (meaning socialized medicine) was introduced to the rest of Canada in 1972, but it was first introduced 50 years ago in the province of Saskatchewan.

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Defending Public Socialized Medicine…..

This is also worth reading: Personally, I think we need better public healthcare and do not think private healthcare is the way to go-this is a two tier system which separates those that have the financial means and those that do not…..