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Social Workers & Client Enrichment

*Photo: Ardmair-Highlands As a social worker who works as a case manager in a Jewish community agency-I say client not patient. Medical institutions, hospitals, hospice, etc. use the word patient. I came across this article by chance when viewing another article on hospice, social work, and death. The article Hospice Social Work and Patient Enrichment is very… Continue reading Social Workers & Client Enrichment

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Closure…What Does That Mean?

Closure; what does that mean to you when someone dies? How quickly do you grieve? How quickly do you 'move on' as some expect you to? "For many in our society, closure means leaving grief behind, a milestone they usually expect to reach within a matter of weeks or months. Closure means being “normal”, getting… Continue reading Closure…What Does That Mean?

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Food for Thought Discussion Groups

Food for Thought Discussion Groups Just reading the name Death Café makes me wonder if that phrase encourages attendance or scares people away? I have come up with a term that is more inviting and open to interpretation: Food for Thought Discussion Groups. To me, these groups would be for those 18+ and focus on… Continue reading Food for Thought Discussion Groups

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The Symptoms of Protracted Dying — Dying & Death Talk

This is an article that will make you think-whether you would be future patient or supportive family member. Write up your medical wishes while you are able to make those decisions for yourself..... But at the same time for the advance care directive and will to be notarized make the price affordable for all! This… Continue reading The Symptoms of Protracted Dying — Dying & Death Talk

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Game for End of Life Planning…

Questions game for end of life planning, what a great idea! It gets conversations started. It gets people thinking! The game is called, "Hello." This was an article I came across on LinkedIn. I was pleased to see it as this is my passion; helping people, assisting people and the topics of death and dying… Continue reading Game for End of Life Planning…

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How Does One Offer Condolences?

  This is a very informative article on offering condolences. Quite often people do not know what to say, what to write, what to do. I like the suggestion of sharing memories. If you know the person who died well enough; I am sure you can think of a good memory to share. 'Remove yourself… Continue reading How Does One Offer Condolences?