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Job Searching and Mental Health

If you are so very fortunate that your personal experiences of looking for work have been short-lived until you landed your job, you probably won’t be able to identify with the frustration people feel when in a prolonged job search. “What’s the big deal? Just keep trying and get working!" Oh if only it were… Continue reading Job Searching and Mental Health

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Recovering from Genocidal Trauma: Book Review and Author Interview

Recovering from Genocidal Trauma:  An Information and Practice Guide for Working with Holocaust Survivors Myra Giberovitch, MSW, PSW Book Review and Interview While the book focuses primarily on Holocaust Survivors, it can be used and associated with other individuals who experienced genocide or mass atrocity crimes. Mass atrocity crimes include genocide, crimes against humanity, and… Continue reading Recovering from Genocidal Trauma: Book Review and Author Interview

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Bullying and Mental Health

Teen bullying: why does it sometimes feel as if nothing is being done? Why are there so many teens being teased by their peers? Have things changed so much since I was in high school that the youth of today is under so much more stress, anxiety, and emotional pain? The youth of today is… Continue reading Bullying and Mental Health

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DSM-5 Changes: A Continuation

I continue to come across articles and information regarding the soon to be released DSM-5. Reading this link will provide quite a bit of information on the upcoming changes to the DSM. I have to wonder if our society is becoming too focused on a diagnosis and pharmacare. “After the American Psychiatric Association (APA) approved… Continue reading DSM-5 Changes: A Continuation

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System Malfunction: Mental Health Issues

Mental Health is an area that certainly needs improvements along with properly trained professionals. These professionals whether nurses, social workers, physicians or administrative staff  need regular skill upgrades provided by their employer, of their own choice/initiative or as required through the state, province or the profession itself. Below is an example of what should not… Continue reading System Malfunction: Mental Health Issues

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Seeing Past the Mask

In our professional and personal lives it is important to see past the ‘mask’ of another. The outside of a person can be a veneer in a sense that requires one to look further to see the individual within. As you chip away at the ice, You begin to see the object that is hidden… Continue reading Seeing Past the Mask

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DSM-5: Bereavement and Depression

by Victoria Brewster, MSW Thanks to LinkedIn, I came across an article on Grief/Bereavement and Depression in the NY Times. As a professional with an MSW, this article causes me to pause and to express concern. Grief/Bereavement is normal after the death of a loved one. As one who works with older adults, I have… Continue reading DSM-5: Bereavement and Depression