Building Bridges, Creating Bonds

Dear Readers, I’m glad to start the category and section on the blog: NURSING AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE. At the same time, we have launched on social media the campaign: #Enfermeríaymedicinaintegrativa (Integrative nursing and medicine) WHY? Because now is time to build bridges and create bonds. WHAT FOR? – Giving visibility and presence to holistic professional… Continue reading Building Bridges, Creating Bonds


The Intimacy Gap

I used to think that there was a communication gulf between doctors and patients. Somewhere in the hub-bub of of the harried office visit some secret sauce was missing. A divide that was so fundamental that both parties often left the room feeling disjointed and uneasy. Patients wondered if doctors truly heard them. Physicians wondered… Continue reading The Intimacy Gap


My First Lesson in Humility

I remember being more confident that most of my peers. The look of dread on my fellow interns face pre-call, and the fatigue post-call always seemed unnatural to me. Maybe it was on account of my life-long pursuit of medicine. I felt nothing but elation at the newly branded "M" and "D" that came after… Continue reading My First Lesson in Humility

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Celebrate Social Workers

*Original blog post can be found at:* I had to share this post as a social worker myself....... Happy Social Work Month! Thank you to Allie Shukraft for writing it! March 2015 marks two events in the world of American hospice and palliative medicine (HPM) social worker: National Social Worker’s Month and the 60th anniversary… Continue reading Celebrate Social Workers


Burned Out

Walter was far older than his chronological age. A mere thirteen years, he kept company with a much older crew. Doctors, nurses, and CNA's were his constant companions. The other kids on his floor were either too sick to interact, or came and left within a matter of days. But not Walter. His heart was… Continue reading Burned Out

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Decalogue of the Ministry of Health for children admitted to the Hospital  

Hola a tod@s, my dear Friends. On June of 2013 the next document was published by Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality: PROMOTING AND HARMONIZING THE HUMANIZATION OF ASSISTANCE IN PAEDIATRIC AND NEWBORN INTENSIVE CARE UNITS OF THE NATIONAL SYSTEM OF HEALTH. It is the agreement of the Interterritorial Council to establish quality criteria… Continue reading Decalogue of the Ministry of Health for children admitted to the Hospital  

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I am your Doctor and this is my Humble Opinion

What is it like to be your primary care physician? How do day-to-day pressures, concerns and unfolding developments impact the one who looks after your health and wellbeing? What does your doctor feel about the responsibilities and nagging questions that are an integral part of every waking hour? What is it like to know that… Continue reading I am your Doctor and this is my Humble Opinion