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Hmmm…Convos on Death?

An article I came across on LinkedIn today by a colleague whom I know through LinkedIn is titled: What we can learn from death rites of the past will help us treat the dead and grieving better today   "This taboo around death is a fairly modern, Western phenomenon. Past and present, societies have dealt with… Continue reading Hmmm…Convos on Death?

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OxyContin in Canada

by Victoria Brewster, MSW OxyContin seems to be the medication causing dilemmas here in Canada. The drug or medication has been authorized to be a generic and this has some people uncertain, scared, cautious. OxyContin is a painkiller and painkillers are over-prescribed and easily accessible. This is a concern. Codeine, morphine and oxycodone are active ingredients in painkillers. They are… Continue reading OxyContin in Canada

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Canadian Healthcare

by Victoria Brewster, MSW One only has to follow the Canadian news, read the local paper or talk to health professionals who will say Socialized Medicine or Medicare needs an overhaul. While there are many benefits to socialized medicine, basics covered; check-ups, exams, tests or treatment are covered for all who are eligible for Medicare here in… Continue reading Canadian Healthcare

Healthcare, News The Need for a National Medication plan to assist older adults in Canada.