Socialized Medicine in Canada: Yeah or Nay?

This might come as a shock to some of you, but Canada does not have the best medical plan/pharmacare in the world! Really?? Our current system has some good points and some not so good points."“Inefficient management” is an elastic phrase. Who’s management? The provincial health ministry? Regional health authorities? Hospital and community care administrators?… Continue reading Socialized Medicine in Canada: Yeah or Nay?

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Improving Wait Times in Ontario

This is worth reading concerning the wait times for one who needs to be seen by a physician or have a test completed. I am jealous of Brant, Ontario residents...."The report shows that Ontarians have the shortest waits in Canada for CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds." "Our patients are also waiting the least amount of… Continue reading Improving Wait Times in Ontario

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1962: 50th Anniversary of Medicare being Introduced in Saskatchewan

Medicare in Canada (meaning socialized medicine) was introduced to the rest of Canada in 1972, but it was first introduced 50 years ago in the province of Saskatchewan.

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Defending Public Socialized Medicine…..

This is also worth reading: Personally, I think we need better public healthcare and do not think private healthcare is the way to go-this is a two tier system which separates those that have the financial means and those that do not.....