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How Will You Die? — Dying & Death Talk

What a great article! Definitely worth the read.... we all have a lot to learn and I like the quotes within of: “The birth of so much love happened right at death.” “The beautiful, hard truth is that we can be present in the mystery of death.”  “We can sit in love and be okay."… Continue reading How Will You Die? — Dying & Death Talk

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Hate & Racism: Gets us Nowhere! Read this link! More companies need to express to their employees that hate and racism are unacceptable. No matter our socioeconomic status, our ethnicity, the culture we are from, the job we hold-we are all human and we all bleed red. What happened in Virginia last weekend should NEVER have happened! One Holocaust was enough...Never… Continue reading Hate & Racism: Gets us Nowhere!

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A Message…..

by Victoria Brewster, MSW I am an active participant on LinkedIn and Twitter and am coming across many comments concerning the horrific events that ocurred on Friday in both Connecticut, USA and in China. All those beautiful, innocent, young children murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a sense because… Continue reading A Message…..