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End of Life Care in Canada

I came across a wonderful article in CIM, volume 36, no. 3, June 2013 by Deborah Cook, MD and Graeme Rooker, MD, Departments of Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. In Ottawa on September 20, 2012, the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences held a forum entitled, ‘End of Life Care: the… Continue reading End of Life Care in Canada

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My Superpower? Seeing Inside People

By Kelly Mitchell - Guest Blogger If you asked me what one of my strengths is, perhaps I’d choose to tell you that I see things in other people that they themselves either don’t see at all, or they are surprised because so few people see it. Many others have this skill and ability, and… Continue reading My Superpower? Seeing Inside People

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End-of-Life Care

This is an article worth reading in The Windsor Star on End-of-Life Care. This area is only going to continue to grow as more and more enter the 65+demographic. What is holding health professionals and helping professionals back from bringing this issue to the forefront? According to Dr. Scott Wooder, President of the Ontario Medical Association,… Continue reading End-of-Life Care

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Dreams are real and without them life is a sad existence. Dreams hold us together and give us a vision, something to aim for, the road leading to our destination. Dreams are the magic, the magician making us laugh, or the sun which makes us warm. Dreams are like the rain, when it ends there… Continue reading Dreams

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Mind Vacation

For those that live in the north, winter can be difficult. Not just in the sense of the snow and cold and all the responsibilities that come with the winter season, but in the sense of a lack of sunlight. Many people thrive in the sunshine and warmth both physically and mentally. The cold weather… Continue reading Mind Vacation

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Leadership and Teamwork in Helping Professions

Leadership, teamwork, management, structure of an organization; these are not typical words used in social work or any helping profession from the professionals themselves as they are often very focused on the clients, patients, clientage and recently I heard the term service user (from workers in the UK). Personally and professionally I find the term service… Continue reading Leadership and Teamwork in Helping Professions

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Dementia: A Feared Diagnosis and the Emotional Journey

I attended a lecture on Long Term Care Placement from the Perspective of a Caregiver a few days ago at a local private non-profit Alzheimer’s organization. Even though I am a professional, I wanted to further learn the process from the caregivers perspective. Although the placement process was focused here on the province of Quebec,… Continue reading Dementia: A Feared Diagnosis and the Emotional Journey