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What to Do about Mama?- Book Review

Book Review- What to Do about Mama? By Barbara G. Mathews and Barbara Trainin Blank What I like about this book is the different perspectives on caregiving as there are many contributors. This provides any individual or professional reading the book with different scenarios, which include common situations and feelings. The authors also describe their… Continue reading What to Do about Mama?- Book Review


Aging: Yay or Nay?

I came across an article in the Montreal Gazette in the Opinion Section titled: "Growing old is no fun" on August 2nd with individual responses to the article on August 5th in the Editorial Section under Your Views. The gist of the article is aging and getting older has not happened as expected. Many thought… Continue reading Aging: Yay or Nay?


In Praise of Our Aging Population

I recently read an article in Zoomer Magazine titled: "Age Before Beauty" which focused on the show Downton Abbey. The character Dowager Countess of Grantham played by Maggie Smith, age 78, is seen as the family matriarch who makes witty comments. As a professional who works with older adults or seniors, I am happy to see… Continue reading In Praise of Our Aging Population

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Dementia: A Feared Diagnosis and the Emotional Journey

I attended a lecture on Long Term Care Placement from the Perspective of a Caregiver a few days ago at a local private non-profit Alzheimer’s organization. Even though I am a professional, I wanted to further learn the process from the caregivers perspective. Although the placement process was focused here on the province of Quebec,… Continue reading Dementia: A Feared Diagnosis and the Emotional Journey

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Elder Abuse

by Victoria Brewster, MSW Elder Abuse: A topic many do not want to think about, but unfortunately it is a reality. Take a look at the video below and give me your thoughts. The video is educational, worth watching and a great teaching tool. Share it with others.

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Geriatric Social Worker

This is worth reading from the perspective of a geriatric social worker-one who works with seniors.....,_Talking,_Living_Resource_For_All_Your_%22What_Ifs%22/