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Hate & Racism: Gets us Nowhere! Read this link! More companies need to express to their employees that hate and racism are unacceptable. No matter our socioeconomic status, our ethnicity, the culture we are from, the job we hold-we are all human and we all bleed red. What happened in Virginia last weekend should NEVER have happened! One Holocaust was enough...Never… Continue reading Hate & Racism: Gets us Nowhere!

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Dying2Learn, Free Massive Open Online Course about Death and Dying…

An educational opportunity to look into if you are interested in learning more about death and dying. As a professional, one can never over learn. Free online courses are a wonderful opportunity to learn about a topic you know little about, to increase your professional skills, to 'update your toolkit.' Take a look!   Over… Continue reading Dying2Learn, Free Massive Open Online Course about Death and Dying…

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Noise Pollution in the ICU

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends. Who and what generates noise in the ICU? Mainly people.Today, we talk about this interesting subject thanks to the article Noise pollution in the ICU: time to look into the mirror published in Critical Care in August 2014 and yesterday shared by our friend Carles Calaf in his social networks.Noise can have… Continue reading Noise Pollution in the ICU

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Addiction on Trial: Follow-up Interview with Dr. Steven Kassels

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Steven Kassels this summer re: his recently published book, Addiction on Trial: Tragedy in Downeast Maine, which posted to Social Justice Solutions. I enjoy reading and read a few books at a time, so this one appealed to me as a 'fun read' initially but went a step further as… Continue reading Addiction on Trial: Follow-up Interview with Dr. Steven Kassels

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Listen to Patients First

Hello everybody, my dear friends: Recently, I published in this blog the post, Transforming Healtcare Through the Power of Listening , to inform you that from 30 to 31 October is going to celebrate the European Listening and Health Conference (ELAHC) in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). I thought that inscription fee was too expensive from someone from… Continue reading Listen to Patients First

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What to Do about Mama?- Book Review

Book Review- What to Do about Mama? By Barbara G. Mathews and Barbara Trainin Blank What I like about this book is the different perspectives on caregiving as there are many contributors. This provides any individual or professional reading the book with different scenarios, which include common situations and feelings. The authors also describe their… Continue reading What to Do about Mama?- Book Review

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Brain Matters: Youth, Learning, and Development

I had the opportunity to attend an excellent conference today put on by Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations, Inc. As I am a member of the Home and School Association at my kid's school, I was made aware of this conference by an email and had the opportunity to attend representing our school. The… Continue reading Brain Matters: Youth, Learning, and Development