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Compassion and the Importance of It

I came across this article on LinkedIn: Compassion at Work: What is It? We all could have a different definition of compassion, but this is the scenario I came up with to describe its meaning; "Compassion then, is empathy with action." Imagine being in a meeting with a colleague and all of a sudden they tear… Continue reading Compassion and the Importance of It

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Geriatric Social Worker

This is worth reading from the perspective of a geriatric social worker-one who works with seniors.....,_Talking,_Living_Resource_For_All_Your_%22What_Ifs%22/

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OxyContin in Canada

by Victoria Brewster, MSW OxyContin seems to be the medication causing dilemmas here in Canada. The drug or medication has been authorized to be a generic and this has some people uncertain, scared, cautious. OxyContin is a painkiller and painkillers are over-prescribed and easily accessible. This is a concern. Codeine, morphine and oxycodone are active ingredients in painkillers. They are… Continue reading OxyContin in Canada