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Assisted Dying in Canada already exists for adults, but what about children?

I came across this article and it caught my eye. As one who is specializing in working with adults, children and families where a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness or disease or has a degenerative disease or progressive illness; it makes sense why it would. Not a professional work area for everyone. I… Continue reading Assisted Dying in Canada already exists for adults, but what about children?

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Death, Dying and Reflection

End-of-Life issues, care and the topic of death and dying in general need a 'sexier' image. I find that many do not want to delve into such conversation. There are no plans in place for 'what if.' Family does not know what other family members would want should such a situation arise. I keep reflecting… Continue reading Death, Dying and Reflection

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Decriminalize Assisted Suicide: Why Not?

If the federal government is leaving medical care and health care to the provinces as in making transfer payments and each province implements its own health care and medical care, than why are they not doing the same with assisted suicide or dying with dignity? How can refusing medical treatment or assisted dying be considered… Continue reading Decriminalize Assisted Suicide: Why Not?

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Assisted Suicide

An article in the Winnipeg Free Press states that Susan Griffiths, age 72 is heading to Switzerland and the Dignitas Clinic where she will end her life on her own terms in the next few weeks. She has Multiple System Atrophy, an incurable disease with Parkinson’s like symptoms; loss of balance, movement and control of virtually every bodily… Continue reading Assisted Suicide