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Celebrate Social Workers

*Original blog post can be found at:* I had to share this post as a social worker myself....... Happy Social Work Month! Thank you to Allie Shukraft for writing it! March 2015 marks two events in the world of American hospice and palliative medicine (HPM) social worker: National Social Worker’s Month and the 60th anniversary… Continue reading Celebrate Social Workers

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Eight Reflections on Seniors as Patients

Eight Reflections on Seniors as Patients List three older people that were in your life as a child. Of these, choose one of these persons to focus on for just a moment: Consider something important they shared with you at that time. How might that important message yet influence your care of elders now? What… Continue reading Eight Reflections on Seniors as Patients

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The Words that are used in/about End-of-Life

In speaking with a colleague today about death, dying and end-of-life issues, we ended up discussing the words used; particularly in western society. 'Passing, has passed, with the angels, with their deceased loved ones' are words or phrases typically used. The words/terms 'died, has died' are not used in general circles. She made a keen observation. Look… Continue reading The Words that are used in/about End-of-Life

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Could You Live on $1.75 a Day?

The Huffington Post: Canada published an article, “Could You Live in Canada on $1.75 a Day?” The title speaks for itself in that it is hard to imagine anyone living on $1.75 a day, yet this is the reality for many in the world. The author of this article, Erin Deviney, lived in Australia for… Continue reading Could You Live on $1.75 a Day?


Canada’s Two-Tier Health System-Part I

Canada’s Health System is a bit different than that of the United States or other countries, and contains many levels of coverage. Canada has socialized medicine which is available to all permanent residents and citizens, and which provides basic coverage of medical and health needs. Beyond that there is also private access to health care which… Continue reading Canada’s Two-Tier Health System-Part I

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Seeking Action for Safety in Long Term Care Facilities

Advocacy, one of the core competencies in the profession of social work. It is one skill that I was taught both in graduate school and as a professional over the past 15 years, it is a skill I take to heart. On February 9, 2013 a documentary W5, Crisis in Care, reported by Sandi Rinaldo… Continue reading Seeking Action for Safety in Long Term Care Facilities

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System Malfunction: Mental Health Issues

Mental Health is an area that certainly needs improvements along with properly trained professionals. These professionals whether nurses, social workers, physicians or administrative staff  need regular skill upgrades provided by their employer, of their own choice/initiative or as required through the state, province or the profession itself. Below is an example of what should not… Continue reading System Malfunction: Mental Health Issues