General Resources-Websites and Blogs

Blogs of Interest

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>A test worth taking on Compassionate Mindfulness- Positive Change Guru– Pulse-Voice from the Heart of Medicine – Care Management – “A Social Worker Helping You Help Yourself. Can You Hear Me? Empowers, Supports, and Instructs Change Agents.” – Acknowledge, Assess, Assist – (3 A’s) – Financial Social Work; Learning Center Blog – Social Worker Blog-great articles – Articles on Medical Issues & Palliative Care – Social Workers for Social Welfare –  True Goods: All Natural Personal Care Products, Gifts and Kitchen/Home Items – MD Blog


Websites of Interest – Public Health Agency of Canada: Aging & Seniors – Association of Social Work Boards – Canadian Association of Social Workers – Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association – Healthcare in Canada – Canadian Mental Health Association – Canadian Association of Retired Persons – Cummings Senior Centre, Montreal, Qc, Canada – Government of Canada Publications – Health Canada – Health, Education & Leadership – The Movement for Human Centered Care – Humanize Intensive Care Medicine – National Institute on Aging – National Case Management Network of Canada – Neurosculpting – National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly – Wonderful and informative Podcasts for Social Workers– National Association of Social Workers– Weizmann Canada – Weizmann Institute in Israel

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