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Hospice: A Gift

I came across this blog post on LinkedIn- Hospice: The Gift We Never Knew We Wanted to Receive.

I will warn you while the post is beautifully written, the humility, the humanity, and caring it evokes will make you sad… My heart goes out to this man and to the step-daughter on losing her mom so young.

I can only imagine what went through Michelle’s mind on hearing she has such a rare form of cancer that only 1 person in the world gets it each year.

Kudos to John for  putting aside his husband role and being a caregiver to his wife for so long until he had the opportunity to just be a husband at the end because hospice was recommended. He was able to step back from the caregiving role, let others focus on that and just be with his wife.

Hospice or Palliative Care are not bad words and people should not see these words as meaning ‘giving up’ and instead see them as hope, as comfort, as another choice.


3 thoughts on “Hospice: A Gift”

  1. Such a breathtakingly beautiful post. It cuts right into the heart. Dying is living, whether 23 days or an unknown number that lie ahead. Sharing our experiences brings hope to others, so I firmly believe. Thank you for sharing this.
    ~ Julie

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