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SPN & What are These?

The Service Professionals Network (SPN) project started as an open networking group on LinkedIn.

SPN was created to be different from other open networking groups though. The group is unique, because the focus is on raising awareness and funds for charities as much as it is on helping individuals and businesses build their brand.

The SPN project has expanded recently with a group on Facebook  and a community on Google+.  The idea is to use these groups to exchange ideas, business tips, sales advice, and most importantly help make positive impact in the world.

Over 50% of all profits generated by the Service Professionals marketing company will be donated directly to The U R The Future Charity (URTFC) will donate approximately 90% of all the funds that they collect to other non-for-profits and people in need the world over.

There are a lot of Global Superstars in the #SPN project and through the use of accounts, they are highlighted regularly. Follow this FYI smartlist about the Global Superstars, so you can get connected to the world changers making the future a better place for everyone!

What is It is a free digital marketing tool that can help you organize your online content. News from the most important and famous internet portals; Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TED, etc.; Presentations from Google Drive, Google Docs, Slideshare, etc.; Articles from LinkedIn, Blogs, and other web sources; Maps from Google Maps; Music from Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, etc., social media; Posts and content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest….I think you get the idea! Organize, share, and promote for free!

A Smartlist is a web page, like any other. It carries web content (links) beautifully presented as embedded cards in a dynamic grid that optimizes both content and visuals. It’s URL is defined by the user, following the format ‘’. Smartlists can be made private or public by it’s creator.

As I am a social worker, tech talk and I are a learning process. Yes money is good and we all need it and want to make it, but I am focused more on doing good in the world, giving back, and paying it forward through ideas, networking, mentoring, writing, and working with my clients. Technology can help though!

My writing is focused on a topic many want to ignore or fear, but the topic affects each and every one of us and if it has not yet, it will at a future point….death, dying, and the end of life. Better to be prepared, to know your choices and options, to be educated on the topic and to know there are individuals out these to offer support, guidance, and compassion.

So, a special thank you to 2 individuals for creating both SPN-Service Professionals Network and the FYI.TO Smartlists: Mike O’Connor and Rodrigo Martinez. Two successful individuals with heart and soul who also focus on giving back. They have encouraged me to create FYI smartlists, have shared my lists, and included me in: Best of Canada Social Media Influences and as a top author! I am humbled and grateful at the same time.

If you are new to the technology like me-it is a learning process, but well worth it and good for the mind; to learn something new.