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Social Workers & Client Enrichment

*Photo: Ardmair-Highlands As a social worker who works as a case manager in a Jewish community agency-I say client not patient. Medical institutions, hospitals, hospice, etc. use the word patient. I came across this article by chance when viewing another article on hospice, social work, and death. The article Hospice Social Work and Patient Enrichment is very… Continue reading Social Workers & Client Enrichment

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Closure…What Does That Mean?

Closure; what does that mean to you when someone dies? How quickly do you grieve? How quickly do you 'move on' as some expect you to? "For many in our society, closure means leaving grief behind, a milestone they usually expect to reach within a matter of weeks or months. Closure means being “normal”, getting… Continue reading Closure…What Does That Mean?

Book Review

Book Review: The Space Between

The Space Between by Susan Rooke Book Title:  The Space Between: The Prophesy of Faeries by Susan Rooke Category:  Adult Fiction,   452 pages Genre:  Fantasy, Fairy Tale Publisher:  Holynok Press Release date:  September 12, 2017 Format available for review:  ebook (mobi, ePub, PDF) Tour dates: Oct 23 to Nov 17, 2017 Content Rating: PG-13 (For… Continue reading Book Review: The Space Between

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Social Media is Changing How We Approach Death

I came across a great article on LinkedIn and it is gaining attention because of who it is about, Scott Simon, the popular radio host of NPR's “Weekend Edition Saturday” who stayed by his mother's side in a Chicago hospital as she died and he tweeted about it. Well known people, celebrities+ are often the… Continue reading Social Media is Changing How We Approach Death

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It’s not all about death: conversations with patients in palliative care — Dying & Death Talk

Great article and good information. Take a look.   Courtesy of | Originally Posted 11.02.2017 | Published 11.23.2017 This article is part of our series on demystifying palliative care, where experts explain the process of end-of-life care in Australia. When I introduce myself to a patient as a palliative care doctor, the question that… Continue reading It’s not all about death: conversations with patients in palliative care — Dying & Death Talk

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SPN & What are These?

The Service Professionals Network (SPN) project started as an open networking group on LinkedIn. SPN was created to be different from other open networking groups though. The group is unique, because the focus is on raising awareness and funds for charities as much as it is on helping individuals and businesses build their brand. The… Continue reading SPN & What are These?

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Coping With Loss: 115 Helpful Websites on Grief and Bereavement — Dying & Death Talk

What a great resource list! Take a look...   Courtesy of |By Dr. Barbara LoFrisco | Published 11.21.2017 Grief Centers & Care Providers | Grief Blogs | Child Loss Grief Resources Widow & Widower Grief Sites | More About Grief & Bereavement Moments of grief occur in everyone’s life. The death of a parent,… Continue reading Coping With Loss: 115 Helpful Websites on Grief and Bereavement — Dying & Death Talk