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Book Review of: I Attract What I Am by Melissa Dawn

I loved this book! Much of what the author wrote resonated with me. I could relate to a lot of what she wrote as I am divorced myself and have 2 kids to think about, to worry about, to support. I need to do well to support them, but I also need to have work that makes me happy, brings me joy, that I am passionate about. Fortunately, this is the case as I am a social worker/case manager, group facilitator, author, and a mom.

I love all my roles and would not change my life in any way (as of today that is). All that has happened, happened as it was meant to. If you have the attitude that the good and the bad or the positive and negative in your life happens for a reason; to learn, to grow, to force you to make changes then I am ok with my life. I have definitely learned a lot; what I do not want and what I want and I will make changes. It might happen slowly, but it will happen!

Melissa writes of her two divorces, what she learned in each, the happiness of her son being born and all that entails in being a mom. At the same time she has a great job, but it does not bring her joy or make her happy.

She choose to make some changes and take a leap by becoming an entrepreneur and launched a certified life and coaching business and is the founder of CEO of Your Life. She is  a motivational speaker and trained energy practitioner. She wants each one of us to live what she terms, “an orgasmically joyful life and business.”

Her book motivated me and I am grateful to her for that. I finally took the leap and launched my own business and while it is a ‘soft’ or slow start, I am ok with that. Everything happens as it is meant to.

Melissa’s energy, her inspiration, her hope come through while reading this book and I highly recommend one reads this book and makes changes in their own life, as long as they want to.