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Talking to Family About Post Death Wishes — Loss, Grief, Bereavement and Life Transitions Resource Library

This is very important; discussing your post-death wishes with family and close friends. Do not wait until it is too late or crisis time. When you are very ill, in hospital or diagnosed as terminal; your thoughts might be elsewhere. Plan ahead as much as possible.

No one wants  to think they will die tomorrow, but in reality we never know. Some deaths are far in the future, others could be in the near future, and still others happen when we least expect it.

I keep thinking about what I would want. I know I do not want my kids to worry about it in any way and have to come up with the money for my funeral or worry about where to bury me. I am an organ donor. My driver’s license states so and I have told my kids and my fiancé this. I would like to be cremated and they can do with my ashes as they wish. I am not a person that wants a whole lot of ‘hooplah.’ I would rather have a celebration of life before I die if possible surrounded by the ones I care about and love. I do not want a large, dramatic funeral and I especially do not want anyone to lay out thousands of dollars. I would rather that money go to charity to help others.

I am practical, low-key, and down to earth. I was raised to focus on others and not myself. Charity and volunteering along with giving back to community are important to me.

This is the message I want my kids to walk away with. You need enough money to live on, put some away, and enjoy life a little and the extra should go to charity as there are always others that have less.



Source: Talking to Family About Post Death Wishes

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