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I Know You Love Me — Now Let Me Die — Loss, Grief, Bereavement and Life Transitions Resource Library

An article worth reading…..we do not die today how we used to long ago…. what has changed? Why is society afraid to discuss or bring up death? Death is part of the life cycle and we all know we and our loved ones will die one day. Why not be prepared and do it the way we want?- Victoria Brewster, MSW


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Back Pocket Coach by Diane Brennan and Alexandra Ross: Book Review

Book Review:

A handy reference book with quick tips to remind you or prompt you with appropriate phrases to use both professionally and personally.

If you think about it, we have all been in situations where we felt stuck, unheard, dissatisfied, frustrated, and felt correct communication was missing/lacking or we either gave or received feedback that did not match the issue being discussed or argued!

This small book can travel with you to work or home and one can easily look up the situation/issue at hand and read/learn small key phrases to be used in meetings, large and small, with family members or friends. The idea is for you to reflect, refocus, clarify and move forward.

Self-reflection, obtaining all the facts, positivity, acknowledgment, truthfullness, critiquing, and more are discussed.

Definitely worth a read……

*Disclosure: Thanks to the authors for sending me a complimentary copy. I was not told how to rate or review this book.*





Book Details:

Book Title: Back Pocket Coach: 33 Effective Communication Strategies for Work & Life
Authors: Diane Brennan and Alexandra Ross
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 104 pages
Genre: Communication, Self-help
Publisher: New View Press
Release date: January 2017
Tour dates: June 5 to 16, 2017
Content Rating: G

Book Description:

Have you ever been in a situation that was emotionally charged and the stakes were high? And it was difficult to find the right words? Back Pocket Coach provides 33 power-packed communication strategies to support you in creating satisfying conversations that result in good outcomes for you and others. These just-in-time strategies will help you move through conversations masterfully –whether you’re engaging with one person or a team of people.

You’ll learn how to:
— Provide difficult feedback to everyone from your boss to mother-in-law — improving your relationships in the process.
— Effectively renegotiate any agreement.
— Say no to a request that would leave you stretched too thin — and do so from a place of strength.
— Get unproductive meetings back on track — even if you’re not the meeting organizer.
— Safely speak your truth.
— Increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
— Use appreciation authentically — the secret sauce for thriving relationships.

Buy the Book:

Alexandra Ross is an executive coach, team builder, and author. With a Masters degree in Organizational Communication, she helps leaders and teams sharpen their leadership skills and exceed prior levels of performance. Alexandra is internationally certified as a Master Certified Coach. She coaches executives and leaders in the fields of aerospace, engineering, high technology, medical, financial and more. She is also passionate about coaching women in leadership. Contact Alexandra at

Diane Brennan is a consultant, coach, author, and speaker. She is passionate about leadership in all types of organizations. She enjoys working with leaders and teams in the fields of healthcare, aerospace, engineering, science, academics, and business. Diane’s expertise in organizations includes strategic thinking, navigating change and creating a learning culture. Diane holds a Doctorate in Behavioral Health, an MBA and is a Master Certified Coach. She brings calm to the chaos in organizations and life. Contact Diane at

Connect with the Authors:
Book Review

Book Review: More Than a Soldier-One Army Ranger’s Daring Escape From the Nazis

Book Review:

More Than a Soldier: One Army Ranger’s Daring Escape from the Nazis

by D.M. Annechino

History novels intrigue me and particularly WWII memoirs. There are many out there, but each book tells a new story, a different story. Even if two books are written on the same topic, they are never the same. Each person’s story and experience are unique.

Angelo J. DiMarco chooses to enlist in the U.S. Army voluntarily. He is hoping to gain approval from his father. He is trying to do the right thing. He feels it is his patriotic duty to go into the front fighting lines of the war.

Angelo J. DiMarco of Italian heritage is sent to Italy and quickly put through training as a Ranger to help stop the German invasion. What this Ranger goes through, how he survives will stun you. He is captured by the Germans with others in his unit. His escape, his will to live, how he assists fellow soldiers, his will to return home and all that occurs for this to happen-basically his story of survival, will keep you glued to the book wanting to read more.

You as the reader will learn about the Italian countryside, the history of some of the battles that occurred in Italy and about the good nature, the helpful nature of Italian citizen’s. How a Prisoner of War escapes and survives for a few years in Italy until he reunites with the U.S. Army and returns stateside. A lot happens in between his joining the Army and his return to the states-a few years’ worth of details which includes romance, but you need to read the book yourself and experience this particular soldier’s story yourself.

Definitely a book worth reading…


More Than a Soldier


Book Details:

Book Title:  More Than a Soldier: One Army Ranger’s Daring Escape From the Nazis Author: D.M. Annechino Category:  Adult Fiction, 316 pages Genre:  Historical Biography, WWII Publisher:  CreateSpace Release date:  April 2017 Tour dates: May 29 to June 16 2017 Content Rating: PG-13 (A few four-letter words and violence associated with war)

Book Description:

Feeling a patriotic duty to defend his country after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, seventeen year old, Angelo J. DiMarco, enlists in the U.S. Army. Severely short of frontline fighters, the Army rushes Angelo through Ranger training and sends him to Italy as part of the 1st Ranger Battalion. Their objective: stop the German invasion.

Fighting on the front lines in Italy, the German’s teach Angelo a sobering lesson on life when they capture him during the bloody battle of Cisterna. Against insurmountable odds, Angelo miraculously escapes in a way that stretches the imagination. He survives behind enemy lines for over five months, hiding from the Germans and trying to outmaneuver them. He begs for food, sleeps in barns and suffers from many ailments, including dehydration, malnutrition, malaria and exposure to the elements.

More Than a Soldier is Angelo DiMarco’s powerful story of survival, resilience and courage.

About the Author:

Daniel M. Annechino, a former book editor, wrote his first book while working as a General Manager in the automobile business. But his passion had always been fiction, particularly thrillers. He spent two years researching serial killers before finally penning his gripping and memorable debut novel, ‘They Never Die Quietly.’ He has written and published five novels—all thrillers. But his latest work, More Than a Soldier, is a Historical Biography set in Italy during WWII.

A native of New York, Annechino now lives in San Diego with his wife, Jennifer. He loves to cook, enjoys a glass of vintage wine, and spends lots of leisure time on the warm beaches of Southern California.


Connect with the Author:  Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook


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