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Seeing Double: An Elisabeth Reinhardt Novel Book Review

Book Review- Seeing Double: An Elisabeth Reinhardt Novel by Nancy J Alexander.

This is a book that combines suspense, espionage, mystery, and love with a psychological twist all in one.

I was intrigued because this book focuses on ‘current’ Middle East issues regarding civilians that are also involved in espionage for their respective countries of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria.

Five children grow up together and form friendships working in their respective family fields, they ‘hang out’ together unknown to their parents through their childhood and teen years until they go to college, work or the army and they make a pact to dedicate their lives to creating peace between their countries.  These friends learned each other’s customs, languages, and beliefs. They maintain contact in their adult lives, but the camaraderie and freedom of their youth are not the same.

I am a fast and well-versed reader, but even I had difficulty keeping the friends’ names straight and the country they served in my mind. You will get caught up in the story and wonder who is who! Double agents, religious extremists, love in unexpected places and ways will keep you the reader on your toes.

The theme and issues are relevant to modern times; issues that affect the Middle East today are worldwide between Jews and Muslims and these issues are far reaching.

At times the transition from chapter to chapter was not smooth, the friend’s names similar or began with the same letter and so I had difficulty in keeping track of who was who. The ending suggests a sequel, but personally, I think the ending could have been done differently. I also came across some spelling errors and this is a pet peeve of mine. I expect every book to be well edited and do not expect spelling or grammatical errors.


Book Details:
Book Title: Seeing Double: An Elisabeth Reinhardt Thriller by Nancy J Alexander
Category: Adult Fiction, 318 pages
Genre: Espionage Thriller
Publisher: NJA Productions
Release date: Nov 2015
Tour dates: May 8 to 26, 2017
Content Rating: PG-13 + M for themes of terrorism, kidnapping, some bad language, but no explicit sex or violence.

Book Description:

A chill ran up her spine, triggering an alarm that spread through her system. Her eyes studied him as his eyes studied her. In the recesses of her mind, a fragment of a memory tingled…a tiny blip from long ago. An image spiraled, then vanished. There was something about this young man, this Ari Ben Aviv. There was something about him she couldn’t pinpoint.”

On the heels of her last mystery, Elisabeth’s new patient is more than meets the eye, and unraveling his secrets will throw her team into a desert storm of double agents and religious extremists. All that stands between love and war are two families, two brothers, and two conflicting versions of the truth.

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Meet the Author:

Love of the mystery/thriller genre combines with psychotherapy training and experience to produce an emotionally supercharged dramatic novel. Nancy Alexander has devoted much of her professional life to helping survivors of childhood trauma; their distress has been ingrained and works to create characters who give voice to their plight. To analyze the evil minds that prey on others and the intricacies of law enforcers who pursue them seemed a natural interlacing of professional, literary and creative interests.

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