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Healthcare and Older Adults: Changes Needed.

Noor Heim is an assistant professor who currently works for the University Medical Center in Utrecht. In this blog, she discusses her recent Age & Ageing paper on research she has done in the Leiden University Medical Center. Integration of treatment and care from multiple disciplines is particularly critical in care for older people. Most […]

via Get healthcare providers to improve care together, that’s the challenge — British Geriatrics Society

The population is aging; it can be seen all around the world. Humans are living longer. For each individual the way they age is different. Some are healthy, active and continue to work  for as long as possible and for others, aging is more challenging; difficulties with mobility, health issues that can range from vision or auditory loss (es), to chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, memory loss, cardiac problems……the list goes on.

Healthcare and access to is is not easy for one who is 70+. This line from the article, “Integration of treatment and care from multiple disciplines is particularly critical in care for older people. Most older people admitted to a hospital suffer from more than just one (chronic) condition. As a consequence, coherent care for older patients involves more than just one discipline” says it all. Healthcare providers need to work together, to collaborate, to advocate for services, to help the older patient in the best way possible.

Now, to a social worker this makes total sense- as we do this every day. We are trained this way-to collaborate with other professionals and providers, to advocate for what is in the best interest of our client, to see the whole picture vs. a very small window.

All helping and medical professionals should do this. It is about the patient/client and not about the provider or the professional.

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  1. There should a job title/role that is designated as an advocate in hospitals for people over the age of 80 years. So many elder adults and their adult children are ill equipped to navigate the health care system. Good review

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