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Growing as a Professional

A theme I have come across regularly on social media is growing as a professional and all that entails.

Professionals no matter their profession or career choice, need to continue to learn and grow, to broaden their knowledge base. This can be done in many ways; reading articles and blog posts, reading books, participating in webinars and conferences, utilizing and participating in online training and courses, going back to ‘school’ whether university or online certifications courses.

To me learning is life-long. I love to read whether books, articles or blog posts, participate in online courses, participate in certification programs and the best way is to interact with colleagues and fellow professionals on LinkedIn and other social media sites. Sharing information, articles, blog posts, ideas is the best way! Collaboration is important and social media allows one to interact with others who are like minded around the world.

Knowledge is important, being open to change vs. being static is important to the growth process whether personal or professional. Life is about change. Nothing remains the same and perfection unattainable so why even try! Focus on happiness, contentment, learning and community and see how you feel. Know your likes and dislikes. Work on balance and self-care. Be the best version of you that you can be!