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When Dying is not Enough for Family to Forgive

Source: When Dying isn’t Enough for Family to Forgive ~ Pallimed

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The phrases below mean a lot when someone is dying. It allows them to die with peace or a sense that ‘all is okay’ before they go.

“Please forgive me,”
“I forgive you,”
“Thank you,”
and “I love you.”

What would you want family and friends to say to you before you die?

I would want to know that I did good in the world before I left it. I would want my kids, my partner, my family, my friends to know I love them unconditionally.

I do not want sadness at my funeral, but rather a ceremony of remembrance and sharing of memories. I would like to have a memorial ceremony before I die so I can hear from the ones I care most about and to share with them my thoughts and feelings.

Death is inevitable for all of us. If we have a say and a choice at the end, we should speak up about our wishes and wants or put it in writing so our loved ones know…..