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Why Continuous Professional Development is a Smart Career Move — Social Justice Solutions

Continuous professional development (CPD) is an essential component of some careers, but not everyone sees the benefits. After all, if you work extremely long hours to stay afloat in your career, why would you want to sacrifice some of your precious free time to attend a Six Sigma training course from No, of course…

via Why Continuous Professional Development is a Smart Career Move — Social Justice Solutions

A good article/post. Once one is in a career or job, it does not mean we stop learning or growing professionally. Continued learning is needed to keep us updated in job skills, to learn new technology, to keep our minds active… matter what you study and there are many sites that offer free courses you can view without taking tests or being graded, certifications programs to add to your knowledge base or even a return to university to obtain a degree or another degree.

Life is about learning, growing, and challenging ourselves and can be as simple as reading a book, glancing through professionals journals/articles or changing careers!

Even though I have a Master of Social Work degree I continue to learn! I read books, I take advantage of webinars and courses to view/study and am currently in the midsts of 2 different certifications; one on End of Life and another a Professional Reflexology Certification.

They are very different, but related to my professional and personal interests and in many ways all are related and can benefit my work as a social worker/case manager.

May we all continue to learn and grow both personally and professionally!