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Doctor Suicide Rate High; Why?

Experts discuss the coverup of doctor suicides, the reasons behind depression in doctors, and why doctors who are depressed are less likely than normal to get help. via 16-24 Segment 1: Doctor Suicide — Radio Health Journal

via 16-24 Segment 1: Doctor Suicide — Radio Health Journal — Disrupted Physician

“Many doctors are depressed–experts say about 12 to 18 percent of them, a figure that’s actually similar to the rest of us. But depressed doctors often don’t get help, and it results in a suicide rate that’s between two and five times higher than the general public.”

We expect that physicians are strong in body and mind and deal with high work loads and stressful work situations on a regular basis. “Doctors are supposed to be the people we go to for safe keeping of our health and I think it’s really hard for people to view doctors as being fallible and having the same flaws and pain and suffering as everyone else.”

So, a shift is needed in the thinking of society at large, in medical schools in medical establishments; hospitals, clinics, etc. Physicians are human. Assistance should be readily available without it being seen as weak or wrong for one to access it, but it goes further in that medical schools should be teaching self-care, the need for vacations,  guidance in that it is ok for a doctor or nurse to seek help if needed with no judgement.