Building Bridges, Creating Bonds

Dear Readers,

I’m glad to start the category and section on the blog: NURSING AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE. At the same time, we have launched on social media the campaign:


(Integrative nursing and medicine)


Because now is time to build bridges and create bonds.


– Giving visibility and presence to holistic professional care.

– Opening a common space in which nurses and doctors work together with an integrated approach based on what bring us together: people’s welfare.

– Understanding that different approaches and perspectives of health are enrichment opportunities for all.

– Sharing research, scientific articles, evidence.

– Generate knowledge.

– Creating a rigorous and serious file where health professionals and people (patients) may be able to find reference material and support.

– Creating critical consciousness in health.


Absolutely for everyone, health professionals, patients, families, and anyone who would be interested.

I would like to say thank you in advance for your support and diffusion. I trust you!


Elena Lorente Guerrero

*Re-posted with permission and original can be found at:

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