The art of storytelling, according to the founders of StoryCorps and Humans of New York

I love this! Storytelling and interviewing or motivational interviewing is a process, requires certain skills and if done right, leads to an amazing interview or story.
Reading about individuals and discussions with ordinary people (meaning non-famous) is a wonderful learning opportunity and a way to connect and bring people together.
Ever have a conversation with someone while waiting in line? While sitting on the bus? While your kids play at the playground and you supervise?
It is through the willingness to converse with another that you do not know that you learn and grow!

Dave Isay and Brandon Stanton. Photo courtesy StoryCorps. Dave Isay and Brandon Stanton. Photo courtesy StoryCorps.

Between them, Dave Isay, TED Prize winner and founder of StoryCorps, and Brandon Stanton, founder of Humans of New York, have collected more than 75,000 stories from regular people around the world. Isay collects his stories as audio files, while Stanton takes a photo and then interviews his subject — but they’ve both developed fascinating techniques for helping people to open up. They sat down recently to talk about their work and their thoughts on what makes for an honest, open interview environment.

A supportive culture breeds good stories. “We think of the internet as such a coarse place, yet people treat our app with such respect. I am constantly amazed by this,” Isay says about the listener contributions to the StoryCorps app. The secret, he says: Create an intimate culture where trust is paramount. Stanton agrees. “We don’t judge or criticize,” he says. “I am interviewing…

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