Empowerment In Decision-Making

Well written Kelly and I agree that tough decisions do make us wiser!
I do not think anyone can say that they have not been in a situation where they had to make a decision between 2 or more choices.
A pro and con list is a great way to start followed by a discussion with a person who is trustworthy and gives good advice.
Sometimes it is better to ‘sit on it’ over the weekend and see if you feel better on Monday morning before making a final decision.

Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were conflicted between two choices; you had to choose one option over another and were torn between the two?

One often-cited activity to help clarify which might be right is to make a list of the pros and the cons of each choice (rational). Yet, sometimes even after having done this, a person can still feel confused as to which choice they will ultimately make (emotional).

Yesterday I had a two-hour meeting with a person in this situation. This person has recently started a job but unfortunately the job hasn’t come as originally advertised. There is more to the job then they’d been led to believe. Of their first seven days on the job, the person providing the training and support was only there for the first two and then went on vacation for the next five, leaving a new employee to do the best…

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