Grief and Loving Memories – Do They Even Remember Your Name?

A great reminder by a parent whose little girl died. Just because a person has died does not mean their name should not be said. Better to ask the grieving individual (s) if they want to talk about their deceased daughter, son, spouse, parent, etc. If we do not ask, we do no know.

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Woman Fulfills Her Dying Wish & Marries the Man of Her Dreams |

Very special to watch! Imagine being diagnosed with stomach cancer and told you have 6 months at most……
The family support, togetherness, and the wedding ceremony-I will be surprised if tears do not come to your eyes!

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Shared via NHPCO – The Error in ‘There’s Nothing More We Can Do’ – The New York Times

“If I had a magic wand, what is it you would wish for today?”

This is a comment we can ask many during the end-of-life and dying process and make their wish come true if possible.

This question can apply to many scenarios…… medical and helping professionals should not assume that clients and patients have given up.

“I want my family to know I am at peace,” – Wow! sometimes patients and clients are waiting for family to be OK with the dying process and where they are at…….

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How to Boost Happiness Through Grief – UnspokenGrief

This post without saying so directly is written by a woman who either cannot get pregnant or has had miscarriages. She deals with the emotions of anger, unhappiness and then happiness or strategies to focus on happiness. Not easy if you as the individual are dealing with the above scenario. No matter the circumstance or scenario, grief is real and everyone deals with grief differently. Many emotions can co-exist while one is grieving. Life does go on though and it is a personal choice, the length of bereavement. Friends, family and colleagues can offer support and just be there for the one who is grieving.

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Building Bridges, Creating Bonds

Dear Readers,

I’m glad to start the category and section on the blog: NURSING AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE. At the same time, we have launched on social media the campaign:


(Integrative nursing and medicine)


Because now is time to build bridges and create bonds.


– Giving visibility and presence to holistic professional care.

– Opening a common space in which nurses and doctors work together with an integrated approach based on what bring us together: people’s welfare.

– Understanding that different approaches and perspectives of health are enrichment opportunities for all.

– Sharing research, scientific articles, evidence.

– Generate knowledge.

– Creating a rigorous and serious file where health professionals and people (patients) may be able to find reference material and support.

– Creating critical consciousness in health.


Absolutely for everyone, health professionals, patients, families, and anyone who would be interested.

I would like to say thank you in advance for your support and diffusion. I trust you!


Elena Lorente Guerrero

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#humaniza Will be a TEDx Valladolid

Hola a tod@s, mis queridos amig@s.
After a few days of rest and refuel, we come back harder than ever.

The second half of this 2015, a year that will change the history, comes very very entertaining and in line with the first half: full of activities that keep generating consciousness.

Yesterday leapt on social networks one of the early surprises coming from now.We have been invited to participate inTEDxValladolid!

And many of you could say: and What is TED?.

TED is a nonprofit organization with one annual event where some of the thinkers and entrepreneurs more important in the world are invited to share what they are most passionate about. “TED” means technology, entertainment and design, three large areas that together are shaping our future. Today TED already has been extended to any discipline of general interest and has grown to support those who, with their ideas, are trying to change the world through various initiatives.

Chema Cepeda, The impact of technologies of approach

This year, on September 26th at
Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid (LAVA) we will make several trips.

Every day we take steps, we cross paths, we design itineraries, draw routes, we explored routes, draw maps, we crossings. Some have beginning and end, others never end, ones we are going alone, other accompanied… Everything we do to learn, discover, or simply enjoy.

Some people take one step further and dare with unusual “Journeys”, which normally needed to break the status quo, challenge, overcome obstacles, and sometimes even looking crazy.

That’s DARING JOURNEYS, which will be the 4th edition of TEDxValladolid: ideas that dare to take that step more and start travel with trips, unusual in the world of knowledge, of life, innovation, and knowledge in science, art, technology, design, education, nature, language, economics, physics, power, space,… and much more.

DARING JOURNEYS, a day dedicated to the ideas, emotions, unforeseen, signals, shortcuts, challenges, surprises, and globetrotting trips and travel, sometimes without destination and goal clear, but always leave footprint and worth be lived and shared. And we will not go alone, because together we add more

The IC-HU Project awaits you in Valladolid. If you want to join us on our journey, do not hesitate to book your ticket as soon as posible.

Without emotion there is no project, so don’t miss it!

Dr. Gabriel Heras, MD, ICU Physician
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Shared via Grief Healing – Grief Has No Age | National Alliance for Grieving Children

An informative post that could definitely help children.

Imagine having all these questions about what is happening and no one answers them? Imagine having your mother die right in front of you and again no one person comes over to comfort you or explain what just happened!

Death is not easy, but I have found when it comes to children that simple explanations help. Hugs, offering to listen and answering their questions in age appropriate words and explanations is best.

Ignoring their questions is not the solution as it does not change anything. If anything it makes them question more, frustrates them or makes them angry.

Imagine not being allowed to attend you own mother’s funeral/burial!

This is not how death and grieving should be……..death is part of the cycle of life and at some point society needs to accept this.

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