Adding a voice to the conversation

This is an excellent blog post and explains the confusion around the word PALLIATIVE CARE.
Education and training are needed for both professionals and for lay people. Comfort, compassion, friendship…pain management, support to the client and family/friends……no one should suffer.

Hospice Matters

by Jaqueline Lee, UNC School of Medicine

Conversation imageWe knocked on the door to our next patient’s door. She was a new resident at a rehabilitation and nursing facility just outside of Charlotte. “We are from palliative care” we explained to her nurse who was busy giving a bath to our patient’s roommate. She looked back, a look of concern taking over her face. “Oh no I’m so sad to hear that, I thought she was doing okay” she said, referring to the patient we were to visit.

We later went on to meet our patient, a sweet older lady who had just celebrated her 100th birthday the day before. She had a set of bouncing balloons in her room and photos of her many children and grandchildren up on the wall. After a short conversation we confirmed, just as her nurse had said, she was doing just fine; however, a…

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