Pondering A Social Services Career?

Social Services, Mental Health, Health Services, Social Work, Counselling-all good professions and yes often those of us who go into the field do so because we want to, because we want to make a difference, because we have a strong desire to make the world better in whatever way we can.

Kelly is correct in that no matter if you work with 2 children, 2 families or 2 seniors the issues presented may be similar, but no two stories are the same!

It is important to find your niche demographic and the only way to do this is to volunteer, have internships/stages or work with various populations and specializations. No matter how many years in the field or working with a specific population, it is important to know when you are in ‘over your head’ or working with a client whose issues are beyond what you can handle as a professional.

As Kelly said; “Being present, being available, providing that one safe haven where the marginalized and often-judged can relax a little and not feel pestered, abused, used, and devalued might be enough.”

Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

So you’re thinking of getting into the field of Social Services? Why? I’ll bet it’s because you want to help people; make a difference. Noble of you really, and we can never have enough good people with good intentions who care and are willing to serve others.

Social Services however is pretty broad though isn’t it? I mean helping people is a pretty all-encompassing statement that you’re going to have to narrow down somewhat in order to determine the population demographics you want to work with. So for example is it children, teens, young adults, middle-aged adults or seniors? And there’s more. The unemployed? Those in the corrections system? The field of addictions, (alcohol and drug, prescription medication abuse)?

Maybe you’re thinking of the homeless or those who have been physically, mentally or sexually abused? We haven’t even scratched the surface here. Are those you want to help dealing with bereavement, anxiety…

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