Shared via NHPCO – At some nursing homes, a changing attitude toward death

“Attitudes are beginning to change, though, thanks to a greater emphasis on bringing meaning and individual choice – in other words, more life – to those last years in long-term care.” – as it should be.
Death is a part of life. In order to be born one must die…….
“…a growing number of long-term care facilities that are addressing death a little more openly;
some display plaques in common areas to memorialize the newly departed, some facilities encourage residents and staff to write messages to grieving families, some place a rose on the empty bed.”
What better way to make it apparent to residents that a fellow resident has died and to encourage them to grieve and to remember that person.

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  1. Honoring life, family and friends, through the end of life and beyond; these are well worth developing in every setting that supports the aging and the dying. Bravo! And thanks for sharing here.

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