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I like the honesty of this post. When we are young we think we are invincible, that we know all, and adults have no clue what they are talking about! It is only as adults ourselves that we realize that the adults in our life back then were pretty smart!
What would I tell my younger self about grief? My first funeral was my great-grandmother dying when I was in high school. She lived in Florida and I in New York so I did not see her much. I felt removed from her death.
It was only when I was a mother myself that I had my first experience with death that truly affected me and that was my grandmother dying. I was close to her and although I lived in Canada and she in Florida-we spoke on the phone and wrote letters to each other.
I remember going to Florida to say goodbye to her while she was in hospice.
I remember at her funeral, I had planned to read this poem as a tribute to her, but I broke down and could not read it; my brother read it.
She was a special lady and she taught me much and I still think about her and miss her today 10 years later…..
I would tell my younger self that grief is normal and encourage myself to grieve…..

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