Shared via Sacred Dying – Meet the women who believe the final moments of our lives are the most important (From Daily Echo)

When we see it this way-that in order to give life, to give birth….eventually death will happen; it normalizes it!
To be pregnant is wonderful, to feel the baby kick and move around inside you and then the moment comes where he or she enters the world!
Babies bring so much joy to so many and require a lot of care and nurturing…
But, when you think about it, when a person is dying-although it is sad, terrifying for some….difficult. The dying person still requires care and nurturing.

“In ancient days, the midwife of birth also served as a midwife of death. Today, there are a handful of American women trained to offer comfort in both dying and birthing. Though few in number, I draw strength from my sister doulas of birth and death. So much of my doula training deeply reflects the skills needed to support the dying.”

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