Powerful films from 5 young people: What health inequality looks like in the US

This was definitely worth watching and should be shown to youth today. Many youth live in nice, safe communities and neighborhoods while others do not.
Such powerful films as these should be shown to politicians, leaders and those in power to force them to see that youth wants change for themselves and for future generations…..

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By Michael Painter. 

For some of us, it’s easy to choose to be healthy. We can’t control whether disease or accidents strike, but we can decide where we live and what we eat, as well as if, when and how much we’ll exercise. Some of us live in a culture of health — a time and place where, for the most part, we have the real hope and opportunity to live a healthy life.

But for many more of us, it isn’t — we don’t have that choice. We live in unsafe neighborhoods. We don’t have strong families to help us through life’s challenges. We can’t readily get nutritious food. We don’t have easy ways to exercise. It’s difficult — or even impossible — to keep our children safe.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was at TED2015 in Vancouver last week, where the theme was Truth & Dare. And we took…

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2 thoughts on “Powerful films from 5 young people: What health inequality looks like in the US”

  1. We take so much for granted, too often; or so I am sure I have. Family, food, shelter, future, none of these come with a guarantee.

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