Mom’s Last Days – Tweeting Mom’s Goodbye –

“During that week, my world shrank to the confines of my mother’s hospital room. But that world was not confining. As my mother’s life wound down, she felt an urgency to pass on memories and insights with the honed perspective of someone who had seen a lot of life, and had now begun to see through whatever door opens to whatever is next. My mother showed us how to bow out of this life, which is something all of us would be blessed to live to do.

I suppose I could have kept all this to myself. But there’s a reason I went into broadcasting, not espionage. I am grateful when I can pass on something to others. Tweeting let me do that as we lived through it.”
Sharing the experience whether with one person, a few or many is helpful. Death and the grief that goes along with it are not easy…..
“Life-changing experiences can move us to pass along what we believe we’ve learned. We want to shout about a birth into the heavens. We want to place the face of someone we’ve lost in the stars. We want people to know.”

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