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This post got to me. A physician who goes outside for privacy to get out his emotional reaction to losing a patient……. while we do not know who the physician is, we can feel his despair and sense of loss.

“There is nothing like working on a case for hours to then have the patient die. This picture sums up my emotions and I am sure the emotions of many others working in the medical field.”
“We are never formally trained to deal with loss and/or with giving the worst news of a families life to them.”
“No amount of training ever makes it easy to deliver this kind of bad news,” he said. “And no matter how long you have been doing it, it never gets easier. I know it sounds like a line from a movie, but it is the truth. Whether my patient is 18, or 80, I always end up leaving the room feeling awful.”

The above quotes of medical professionals describe reality, defeat, feelings of inadequacy, but also describe that they are human. Whether a doctor, nurse, social worker, orderly, PAB, companion……we are all human. We all feel pain. We all feel loss.

I disagree that training would not change anything. Yes, the end result is having to tell a family member or friend that their loved one has died, but it is all in the approach, the emotions behind the telling…..

Training, supervision, peer discussion groups, education are needed for all-medical professionals, helping professionals, and lay people; students included!

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