Feeling Pressured?

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I think many young adults or university students feel pressure. The stability of staying in a job and one career for the rest of your life is not the reality of the 21st century. Young adults of today change jobs and careers like they change their clothes! Many university degrees are in some way obsolete. Training programs, webinars on specific topics and issues along with certification programs are needed. Universities and colleges need to change with the times which includes online degrees and certifications as many students, no matter their age, work while attending university or have families to raise.
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Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

You’ve probably heard somewhere along the way that life is a journey? I imagine so, or some other analogy such as life being thought of as an adventure, etc. Whether you use the word, ‘journey’ or ‘adventure’, both suggest movement; heading from one place to another. So who is plotting the course in your travels? Is anyone behind the wheel or are you aimlessly floating along being sent off in numerous directions based on how the wind blows?

Some misconstrue this idea of Life being a journey meaning they aren’t really living unless they go out and physically travel the world. Whether you are a jet-setter visiting different time zones or countries on a regular basis or someone who has never been out of your town of birth, you’re still on that journey.

But I want to talk about things from a more personal perspective and at a different level. Forget for…

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