50 Shades of Safeguarding

Safeguarding, looking out for our elders/older adults is important. Abuse happens way to often and more needs to be done to educate. Advocacy is needed. More professionals need to know what is potential abuse, what the steps are to report it, how to deal with it, how to be pro-active. Remember it could be your parent, your grandparent, your neighbor, your friend….it could even be you in the future!

British Geriatrics Society

function in frail older peopleThe recent furore and general brouhaha over the book and film of the moment appears to be sweeping the public away on a tidal wave of excitement and hype.

The story rings alarm bells for healthcare professionals; stalking, abuse of power, psychological and physical domination, all packaged up in a parcel of glitz, glamour and glossy veneer of sophisticated respectability.

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