“Thank you” goes both ways

What a beautiful post! ‘Thank you’ is reciprocal, but no matter, it is nice to hear!

Hospice Matters

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

thank you 2014At Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, we get thank you notes every day. They are beautiful, heartfelt expressions of gratitude, written by loved ones, and reading them makes our job a whole lot easier. I’ve said before that caring for patients at end of life is a calling for our clinicians, but that’s not to say it doesn’t take a toll emotionally. We have hearts. We get attached to patients too. And saying goodbye isn’t easy for us either. But reading these notes keeps us going. The words on the paper make us realize that what we do is special. Meaningful. And always appreciated. Here are just a few tidbits:

From a niece: “I did not have a positive experience with hospice care during the loss of my father in Virginia and was somewhat skeptical about hospice care here for my aunt…

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