Signs Of A Successful Person

Kelly, this is a great post of an individual who is very motivated! I am sure that not all those seeking employment are this motivated or open to feedback. If one isn’t so motivated or open to feedback-can this be changed? If an individual is slightly receptive, how do you engage them in a discussion?

Employment Counselling with Kelly Mitchell

Back in late 2014, one of my co-workers shared with me that she had been applying for internal jobs in our organization, hoping to move from the ranks of permanent part-time to permanent full-time. This week she shared with me the news that she has successfully landed a full-time position, and how she went about it might provide you with an example if you are in a similar position.

When I first heard she was looking for employment, I asked her how things were going in order to get an idea of whether or not an offer of help would be appropriate or not from me personally. As it turns out, she mentioned that while she was getting some interviews, she would invariably not do well in the interviews themselves; sometimes wondering if she was saying too much, perhaps not really answering the question, and her anxiety coming through. Bazinga!…

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