When Your Child Dies by Suicide

Take a look at this blog post-very moving and it should be shared with others…..

My heart goes out to Leah Parsons….to lose a child to suicide-I cannot imagine. As parents we give of ourselves fully to our children and hope with our love and guidance they choose a good path in life.

We do not expect that our child(ren) will be bullied by peers to such a point that they decide life is not worth living anymore.

Advocacy, sharing of stories and life experiences along with discussions leads to change and let’s hope this change is MORE anti-bullying trainings and programs in schools. The earlier this is implemented, the earlier that youth learns and develops the necessary skills of appropriate interactions with peers.

“Losing a child by suicide is also death for the parents. I laid in bed and wondered how could I possibly “live” again without my first true love? How can I? I wanted to die! Yet, you go on and at some point I had to ask myself if “Are you going to live? And if so, what do you need to do to live, not merely exist?  The answer came pretty quick for a starting point…Leah, you need to live moment by moment, don’t you dare ignore those emotions. You feel them! Honour yourself every damn day and find a new way to live.”- Leah Parsons- speaker to educate and attempt to make changes in society.