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History Repeats Itself: Good & Bad Addictions

History repeats itself, unless we learn from prior experiences. This is true in many aspects of life, and unfortunately it takes a toll on all of us in terms of individual and community well-being and longevity of life.This is evident not only in the wars that are fought around the world, but in our approach to medical care. Knee jerk reactions have no place in medical decision making, and especially not by politicians who choose to ignore the data of scientifically proven treatments.2  This is why I felt compelled to speak out about the recent legislative proposal in Maine to limit treatment options for opiate (Heroin & OxyContin) addiction.

This is also why I wrote the book, Addiction on Trial – to demystify and destigmatize the disease of addiction, but through the back door to reach a wider group of readers. The book is written in a “novel” approach, as a murder mystery/legal thriller based on medical and legal truths – which will entertain, enthrall and educate; and I am appreciative of the 4.9 star Amazon rating. I hope you will enjoy both my Op-ed below as well as my page turning thriller, Addiction on Trial.

Thank you and please spread the word that repeating historical mistakes with politically motivated knee jerk reactions needs to end!

Steven Kassels, MD, has been board certified in emergency medicine and addiction medicine. He serves as medical director of Community Substance Abuse Centers in Lewiston and Portland, and is the author of “Addiction on Trial — Tragedy in Downeast Maine.”

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