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Wow! Every person should read this. “I want you to do EVERYTHING in your power to keep me alive AS LONG AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!” should have limits and this story explains why……. imagine being a patient and going back and forth between the nursing home where you live and the hospital and in the end being admitted to the hospital with your body literally falling apart with thin skin broken down and your muscles from your back to your hip exposed to the air! Is this what you really want?
Think and contemplate, discuss with medical professionals and family and/or friends before writing up that advance care directive and choose your wording carefully.

Rea L Ginsberg, thank you so much for sharing this link!

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  1. Thank you so much for picking up this article, Vikki!! Some very important questions are raised by Dr. Zitter, the author. No easy answers. We need to give them much consideration. Ethics matter!

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