The Meaning of Life or a Life Lived with Meaning?

Do you want meaning and purpose in your life? Do you live a life with meaning and purpose?

Elena brings up Victor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor, Neurologist and Psychiatrist who lived through one of the worst times in history, WWII and the Holocaust. He survived because of his spirit; the hope that there was more to that present state/condition…..there was meaning.

I work with Holocaust Survivors and have for over 14 years now and I can say I have the greatest respect for them. Holocaust Survivors, no matter what country they are from in Europe, whether a person was in concentration camp, work camp, a ghetto, doing forced labour in Siberia or elsewhere in then Russia, a war refugee fleeing from country to country, in hiding, part of the resistance, living under false identity………70 years later they have hope and a sense of meaning.

Holocaust Survivors rebuilt their lives, moved to different countries, learned new languages, lost everything, lived in and under horrible conditions during WWII that we cannot imagine and yet they went on with their lives to build/create new families, new communities, new Jewish institutions…….we as individuals from the 21st century can learn quite a bit from them. Realizing all they went through makes one put their own life into perspective.

Things do not seem so bad when one thinks of the alternative, what could have been or might have been. None of us can change the past, but we can change the present to be more mindful, to have more meaning, and to live a life with purpose.
-Victoria Brewster


“Spirituality is an essential aspect of being human. It is an inner life, something that is not mind and body but spirit. It’s something broader than religion, a dynamic process by which people find transcendence, their own life end  meaning”. Christina Puchalski at the interview published by “El Mundo”: “ We need doctors who are able to connect with their patients”. Available HERE.

Do people seek the meaning of life? I don’t know. What I do know is that at least most of us want to live a meaningful life.

To live is to make decisions. Since we wake up until we go to bed we are constantly choosing, deciding.

In this so individualistic and competitive world in which we live we were taught to value our decisions based on the result. But the paradigm is changing and we are learning that there are no good or bad decisions…

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