A Different View on Grief…

This article is worth reading describing a father’s love for a son who had died 20 years previously……”This individual shared that his wife had found ways to move on from her grief and continue to live her life by letting go of her pain. He described wanting to experience her level of transcendence but at the same time he was very conflicted. This man told me, while choking back tears with every ounce of his strength, that he did not want to let go of his pain because he felt like it was letting go of his son and he never wants to let go of him completely. It was as though the pain of his grief was the only thing keeping his connection with his son alive so he desperately held on to it.”

No one should feel this way, but remember that grief s individual and there is no time limit……

Jeff Baxter asks the question: ‘If all our experiences are mediated by the brain, what actually occurs?’

It is a good question and one that is not easily answered.

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2 thoughts on “A Different View on Grief…”

  1. This article draws such an intriguing parallel. Thank you for sharing it.

    Some people are not able to let go of their spouses after divorce and grieve the loss of relationship in a lifelong and emotionally crippling way, afraid that working through those emotions will separate them from their fantasy about what life could have been, etc. I wonder how many other such “stuck” life circumstances there are that have similarities to this paradigm.

    1. Julie,

      I am sure there are many that feel this way, particularly if they were not the one to initiate the separation and divorce. There is no turning back. People in general need to focus on the present-the past is over and the future is ahead of each and every one of us.

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