Grief Healing: In Grief: Family Resists Widow’s Readiness To Move On

A good article/post that explains it is difficult for all family members to move through grief at the same pace.
We need to remember that grief is different for everyone and that the time one moves through grief is different.
We each have ceremonies or rituals to provide comfort and to remember our deceased loved one and that is OK, but we cannot force any constraints on another……..

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1 thought on “Grief Healing: In Grief: Family Resists Widow’s Readiness To Move On”

  1. I think a gift we can give our loved ones as we transition, if we are able, is to encourage them to live full and healthy, loving lives after we are gone. Being stuck is not something any dying person would wish on the bereaved who are left behind, at least not in a relationship based on love versus “possession” of another’s person or future path. My heart goes out to this poor woman. Given like circumstances, I might opt for wider family therapy sessions; a professional’s perspective and guidance might enlighten these extended family members.

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