Vital Emergencies, Real Emergencies.

The healthcare system has many flaws which many of us are aware of, but we become more aware when it involves ourselves or someone we love.

Why a 12 hour wait to know the results of all the tests?

Why is it acceptable for there to be more patients than staff can handle?

How do we change this dynamic?

My heart goes out to Gabi and his family and with Gabi being a physician himself, I can only imagine his frustration and anger over the flaws in the system.

By sharing the information, by advocating for change there is hope to change the system!

Bringing Colour to Nursing

The personal story “Surviving a Stroke, Surviving the Health System” that Gabi Heras has published on his blog  has touched my heart. No so long ago I have also experienced the anguish at the waiting room when I accompanied my father and my mother to the emergency services so often. So putting myself in the shoes of the daughter, the nurse, the daughter and the nurse at the same time, it has been more than easy.

<Surviving a Stroke, Surviving the Health System>:

“There is no other way as  putting the shoes of the other to understand.
My father has an abdominal oncologic disease for 19 years, and he is now in terminal phase. A week ago, about 5 AM, he phoned me to tell that he had to go to the Hospital because he had a terrible abdominal pain. So, after leaving my daughters at home of my mother-in-law, I went…

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