1 thought on “Anger Management in the Process of Grief | The Grief Toolbox”

  1. For me, after losing my dad in 2012, anger was the hardest part of the grieving process. Several weeks after he died, anger welled up one day in response to something unrelated to my dad; it was sneaky and unexpected, definitely an unwelcome development. I felt safe to express the anger, thankfully, and recognized why I had those feelings, but I sure didn’t like feeling them so suddenly and overwhelmingly.

    “My dad’s gone and I am left behind!” I thought and felt deep down. What a strange thing to acknowledge for one who didn’t wish to die! But indeed he had “moved on” while I was still here. It hurt a lot to accept his death as final, at least physically so, and I responded with anger. Once I let that emotional release, I felt better, calmer, able to move into feelings of sadness and be with those in returning waves as often as I needed. It’s harder (for me) to be-with anger than sadness. It’s far more depleting. But it is what it is: a perfectly normal human emotion, a part of grief that also is best when honored. So I believe. So is my experience.

    Thank you for this article.

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